Organic Emulsifier Blend 60

Designed with the innovative technology and quality ingredients, Organic Emulsifier Blend 60
helps create purley luxurious, stable emulsions that deliver multifuctional benefits all-in-one.

CODE A60014
PRODUCT NAME Organic Emulsifier Blend 60
INCI NAME Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Extract & Cyamopsis Tetragonoloba (Guar) Gum
USE LEVEL 1.0%- 4.0%
APPLICATIONS Primary Emulsifier

We combine the efficacy from nature with our green technology to form an easy to use, all-in-one emulsifier that breaks the challenges in the organic cosmetic marketplace.  Organic Emulsifier Blend 60 is ideal for creating oil-in-water emulsions and various textures.

Organic Emulsifier Blend 60 is ideal for gel, cream, and lotion applications.  This product not only elevates the sensory properties of formulations but also adds pigment dispersion and moisturization benefits to organic cosmetic products.

  • Properties:
  • Water Dispersible
  • Non-ionic
  • Takes up to 20% lipid load
  • Formulating Tips:
  • Sprinkle slowly in aqueous phase
  • Avoid formation of clumps
  • Allow to hydrate