About Us

Arbor Organic Technologies, LLC is a USDA-NOP certified organic cosmetic ingredient company, providing the first true cosmetic-grade organic ingredients for the personal care and cosmetic industries. We successfully merge the desire for organics with the utility of actives to surpass the demands and constraints faced by today's formulators. We offer extracts at every level of organic certification: Certified Organic (>95%), Made With Organic (>70%), and extracts that are not certified as a whole but contain certified organic plant matter. Each certified organic RS and SNO extract has a glycerin-based alternative extract which meets no USDA NOP certification level but utilizes certified organic feedstock.

Along with extracts, our one-of-a-kind product line includes certified organic juice and extract powders, delivery systems, bioferments, functional actives, oils, and butter blends. These products are becoming highly sought after within the cosmetic industry due to consumers' increasing awareness of organic ingredients. Instead of settling for food-grade organic ingredients, we meet the need for true cosmetic-grade certified organic products.

Processes such as fermentation and encapsulation can be used to develop a range of value-added novel ingredients, which allows for brand differentiation in the organic marketplace. Innovation in anti-microbials has permitted for the development of organic-compliant systems. We have addressed the current state of the organic market and will provide methods in which cosmetic technologies such as biofermentation, delivery systems and preservation can be applied.

Please navigate our site to discover more about our company and our products. Feel free to contact us at any time if you have any specific requests or would like more information regarding our products.

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